The founders of REEcycle, Casey McNeil, Susan Tran and Cassandra Hoang, are all graduates of the University of Houston’s C.T. Bauer College of Business, holding BBA degrees in Entrepreneurship. Through a technology transfer program started at the university in August 2013, the team was introduced to the rare earth reclamation process and the inventors. After discovering commercial opportunities for the technology, REEcycle obtained an exclusive license to the IP from the University of Houston. Dr. Samarasekere, with consultation from Dr. Jacobson, is continuing to prove scalability of the process. In order for the company to be successful, McNeil, Tran and Hoang will continue to cultivate relationships with strategic partners and potential customers to better prepare the company for full commercialization.


Casey McNeil – Co-founder & CEO

Casey possesses an extensive background in the electronics recycling space from his four years of experience working in numerous parts of the industry. Casey currently focuses a majority of his attention in REEcycle on working with electronics recycling companies to develop more efficient techniques for magnet extraction and procurement. His strategic insight into the electronics recycling industry attributed to his founding of Vendera Mobile, a start-up focused on managing and recycling mobile devices for large enterprise clients. Prior to Vendera and REEcycle, he was an initial member of iCracked, a high growth Silicon Valley cell phone repair and recycling company.


Cassandra Hoang – Co-founder

Cassandra graduated from the University of Houston in May 2014 with an entrepreneurship degree. Prior to college, Cassandra had extensive experience in the business management and administrative field. As a partner at a European collectibles retail store, she learned how to communicate with international vendors, negotiate prices, manage foreign exchange, and manage all records of the company. Currently, Cassandra is using her business education and background to bring REEcycle to fruition.


Susan Tran – Co-founder

Susan graduated with honors from University of Houston in December 2014, majoring in entrepreneurship and accounting. Before starting college, she had extensive experience in the culinary field, which required creativity, consistency, and endurance. While working at multiple high-end restaurants and an accounting company, she learned how to manage inventory, costs, production, and staff. Currently, she combines her business education and experience with her enthusiasm for entrepreneurship to bring REEcycle to commercialization.

Dr. Pradeep Samarasekere – Lead Scientist

Dr. Pradeep Samarasekere is REEcycle’s lead scientist and the co-inventor of the technology. Dr. Samarasekere possesses a PhD in Chemistry specializing in materials chemistry. His expertise is in wet and solid-state inorganic/organic material synthesis, structural and physical characterization. Dr. Samarasekere is currently researching solutions to the potential hurdles REEcycle may face in scaling the process to commercialization. In the future, he will oversee all of REEcycle’s technical operations.